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Re: Why does a webcam MT6225 not work with Debian?

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Am 2009-06-09 22:55:53, schrieb thveillon.debian:
>> Hi,
>> given the usb ID the camera should work with uvcvideo, included in
>> kernels newer than 2.6.26 (external module before that),
> Hmmm...
> Linux michelle1 2.6.26-1-686 #1 SMP Sat Jan 10 18:29:31 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux

In my experience with webcams, it might be worth it to try a newer
kernel, perhaps from Unstable. You can use /etc/apt/preferences file and
"-t" flag with apt/aptitude to install a package from Unstable.
Currently there is version 2.6.29-5 in Unstable.


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