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Problems with OOo3.0.1 - not retaining formats when copying

Hello list

In OOo Writer, when I copy text (as well as tables) from one *.odt to a second *.odt or within the same *.odt, any formatting in the original gets lost in the pasted version.

I am using OOo 3.0.1 OOO300m15 (Build:9379) on an up-to-date Debian Squeeze. Gnome and KDE libraries are installed.

Someone on the OOo user list is recommending that I install this version of OOo: http://openoffice.bouncer.osuosl.org/?product=OpenOffice.org&os=linuxinteldeb&lang=en-US&version=3.1.0
which downloads OOo_3.1.0_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz

Does anyone:

(a) have similar problems with their version of OOo? or
(b) have any thoughts about installing the version referenced above?

This is a pretty serious issue for me: I am nearing completion of my MSc thesis and need to copy over loads of tables, and data that has been carefully formatted, and which I will get swamped in trying to reformat again.

If it is okay to install the above version, any thoughts about the best and safest way of doing it, especially if it turns out that it doesn't work, so that I can uninstall it?

Thanks for any assistance.


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