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Re: starting lxde with xdm

Umarzuki Mochlis ha scritto:
i installed lxde with

aptitude install --without-recommends lxde

then i ran

update-alternatives --config x-session-manager

no startx, weird. Ran startlxde but nothing happened

then i installed xdm, make .xsession with exec xdm in it, rebooted but
nothing happened

which step that i missed

No offense, but you've misunderstood how it works:
1) xdm is started (by a script in /etc/init.d/, or whatever else)
2) you login at xdm
3) xdm reads your xsession/xinitrc and uses *that* to launch your session manager (the xinit manpage has a working example based on twm, but the idea is that it's just a shell script that launches lxde or whatever else)
4) You got a working session :D
5) google for more examples if you're still unsatisfied

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