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Re: hi, all, help me with debian installation!!

On Wednesday 27 May 2009 12:46:20 Yi Zhao wrote:
> hi, all:
> I have a disk which install windows(30G) and debian(30G), but sometimes
> ago, my debian is broken, so I want to resintall it on the exists
> partitions(I don't want to create other new partitions), but, when I run
> the installation program, I can't find the operation to find the exists
> partitions, so I can't continue my installation. the installer only display
> the whole disk(60G) and ask me to create new partitions in this
> disk............ my disk have the exist partition is:
> /dev/sda5  --> /home
> /dev/sda6 ---> /
> /dev/sda7 ---> windows/C:
> /dev/sda8 ---> windows/D:
> I want to install debian in the exist /home and / partitions.
> can only body help me???
> thanks very much!

When you get to "Partion disk" choose "Manual Partitionning"

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