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Re: switch to mutt, can't get my normal dose of spam

On 12.05.09 16:50, Nick Lidakis wrote:
> After a quite a bit of reading about this mutt mua people are so fond
> of, I had the nerve to try to put down Mozilla's Thunderbird down for
> a while and take the mutt for a walk. 
> Using -among other online sources- the debian mutt wiki as a guide, 
> I get mutt installed, configure a decent (for a rookie) .muttrc, and 
> replace exim with the simple ssmtp. I use mutt's internal POP
> facilties to get mail from my verizon mail account. I haven't
> configured procmail or spamassassin yet.
> A feeks weeks go by and I notice something strange. I'm not getting my
> healthy dose of spam like I used to get when using Tbird. The junk
> folder would get filled with a dozen or more a day. Now, nothing. The
> only couple of spam messages that I get are the one's from this list.
> I am getting mail from all my other legit sources.
> Did I do something wrong? Did I horribly misconfigure something?

Maybe you should switch to using IMAP, which supports server-side folders,
and see if there aren't any messages in different folders than INBOX on

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