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Re: Why is the kernel in testing so far behind what's current?

2009/5/13 George <nutndun@comcast.net>
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From: Patrick Wiseman [mailto:pwiseman@gmail.com]
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Subject: Re: Why is the kernel in testing so far behind what's current?

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 7:41 AM, Nate Bargmann <n0nb@n0nb.us> wrote:
> * Patrick Wiseman <pwiseman@gmail.com> [2009 May 12 23:06 -0500]:
>> According to the Linux Kernel Archives: The latest stable version of
>> the Linux kernel is:  So why is the latest kernel in
>> testing 2.6.26?
> In my experience, there is no point in bringing in a more recent
> kernel package until 2.6.30 is released which includes drm and video
> driver fixes required by the latest Xorg packages although the latest
> 2.6.2902 package enabled 3D rendering again in the latest Xorg
> packages in Sid, at least for the Radeon chipset.

>The reason I asked is that network-manager has been freezing my system and
the maintainer, who believes it's a kernel problem, >asked me to test it
against the latest kernel.  But I really don't want to get ahead of, or out
of sync with, where testing is.


You can build the latest kernel the debian way and will be selectable from
the boot manager. Do your testing and once you are done you can always
uninstall it like a normal package. There are a few good how to's on the
debian forums regarding building your own kernel the debian way.

I build kernel from vanilla sources every time a new RT patch is released.

It's really easy, just take care to the latest changes in kernel-package regarding --initrd option.


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