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Re: Safe change of uid

I really did it this time. While looking over all my options carefully, I noted that in the documentation for kuser -- kde's user manager -- there's a line that says "delete users at your own risk"! That made me a little nervous about deleting a user with any method I chose. So I noticed that I could change the uid on the command line or in kuser, so I tried doing it in kuser.  No problem -- until I logged out. Then kdm flaked out. It wouldn't let me log in with the gui, so I dropped to a terminal and logged in, then did startx. I went to the kde login manager and had to tweak a few things there before getting it to allow users to shutdown the machine themselves, etc. My account appears to be working OK now, but when my daughter logs in she gets a blue screen with an error box at the top left corner saying: "Could not start kstartupconfig. Check your installation." Then when she clicks the OK button it throws her back to the login gui. She did Internet
 searches for her homework this evening logged on as me. Doug, I'm going to try your suggestion now and delete my daughter's account using  "deluser --remove-all-files --backup" after "cd /var/tmp." Then I'll recreate her account and hopefully get back closer to normal. I hope to report success. . . .


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