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Re: switch to mutt, can't get my normal dose of spam

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 06:08:09PM -0400, Daryl Styrk wrote:
> You should probably ask this at mutt-users@mutt.org.Was the spam
> finding its way to your INBOX?  Were the messages flagged as spam with
> IceDove?  
I actually thought it was more appropriate to ask the Debian list as
Mutt is just a MUA relying (as I understand it) on external tools to
prcocess mail. When I asked if I horribly misconfigured something it
was in reference to my Debian configuration.

The messages were flagged by IceDove automatically and sent to the
junk folder until I manually deleted them. The occasional spam would
make it past IceDoves junk rules.

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