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Re: How to start an user program automatically after logging on.

bro, if it's a command line program you can do this in the crontab:

   @reboot /home/me/bin/myscript.sh

more info: http://team.macnn.com/drafts/crontab_defs.html

On some systems you can even start GUI programs with the @reboot
You'll have to test and depends a bit on startup order and desktop environment, but usually you can get away with something like this


   export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0
   # give the DE time to load
   sleep 20
   /usr/local/bin/MyFancyXApp &

Allan Wind wrote:
On 2009-05-12T14:16:43, J.Hwan.Kim wrote:
I'd like to know how to start a program automatically after booting.
For example, I wish to let "Mail Notification" program start
automatically after logging on.
Could you tell me the method?

Are you using KDE/GDM, or XFCE? Automatically starting programs is usually functionality that is invoked when you login, and the process depends on the window environment you use. XFCE has Sessions and Startup option in the settings manager (which ends up creating files in


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