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Re: Japanese write

On Sat, 09 May 2009 02:41:04 +0000, Hendrik Boom wrote:

> On Tue, 21 Apr 2009 10:37:04 -0500, Neal Hogan wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 9:51 AM, Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> wrote:
>>> On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 03:40:06PM -0500, Neal Hogan wrote:
>>>> I'm new to Debian (not to the *nix community) and have been looking
>>>> around for answers to my question. The stuff I've found a years old
>>>> and not doesn't seem to fit my needs. I apologize if I've overlooked
>>>> something obvious.
>>>> My wife is Japanese and would like to be able to not only read but
>>>> write in Japanese. I only read English. Ideally, what I want is to be
>>>> able to toggle between English and Japanese, so she could just run a
>>>> script that would temporarily enable Japanese writing abilities.
>>>> I'm using 5.0.1 w/KDE.
>>>> What do you think?
>>> # aptitude install scim-anthy ttf-sazanami-gothic ttf-sazanami-mincho
>>> ttf-vlgothic
>>> Then read scim and im-switch doc.
>>> http://people.debian.org/~osamu/pub/getwiki/html/
> ch09.en.html#anexampleforjapanese
>> Perfect! Thanks!
>> ありがとう ございます!
> Interesting.  I had installed a package called 'anthy' but not 'scim-
> anthy'.  I'll have to try that.
>   But there's an error in the URL above.  I found the section on
>   Japanese
> in
>  http://people.debian.org/~osamu/pub/getwiki/html/
> ch08.en.html#_an_example_for_japanese
> chapter 8, not 9.
> `-- hendrik

That web page has becom inaccessible.  I found another copy at http://
That copy gave me the remaining clue I needed -- that it works in the 
en_US.UTF-8 locale, but not the en_CA.UTF-8 locale, unless you add a line 
to the ~/.scim/global or /etc/scim/global file to tell it en_CA.UTF-8 is 

That example-for-japanese section doesn't seem to be available from the 
more official-looking http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/

Has it been removed?

Section 9.7.9 of the http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ has a 
discussion of how to set up X for Japanese, which would seem to interact 
at a different level of the system, and seems rather more complicated 
than the one described in an-example-for-japanese.

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