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Re: Re: python-moinmoin and fckeditor


> Florian Kulzer wrote
> > On Thu, May 07, 2009 at 03:48:32 -0700, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:
> > > The README.Debian says that FCKeditor has been disabled, but that 
> > > it can be "reinstated." However, I've installed the
> > > Debian-maintained fckeditor package, but can't figure out what I 
> > > need to do to integrate it with moinmoin.
> > This works for me for the current Sid versions of python-moinmoin
> > and fckeditor:
> If anyone else has had this issue, it turns out that upgrading to
> 1.8.2 and following the new README.Debian resolves this issue. I don't
> know if it can't be resolved with the 1.7.x version in stable, but the
> upgrade fixed it for me.

Lenny ship moinmoin-1.7. It rely on an old version of fckeditor. Since
nobody wanted to provide security support for it, the GUI editor was
disabled. It should only be enabled in trusted environment (but you are

Testing ships moinmoin-1.8. Upstream have upgraded to use the current
version of fckedior. So we modified moin package to use Debian's package
of that version of fckeditor.

We are considering to provide a backport of moin-1.8 (in backports.org
or similar), so people can use GUI. Feel free to file a wishlist bug if
you are interested.



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