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Re: Sound woes

> Right now on my Debian unstable system, i run Pulseaudio (for good USB audio support). Recently many things have stopped working. I can watch YouTube videos with sound, and click on MP3s and hear them, both from within FireFox. But when I open up another browser at the same time, that gets no sound. If I try to play an MP3 or a movie on my filesystem, i get no sound, whether i use Audacious or mplayer or totem or anything else. 

After some further playing around, this does have something to do with Flash grabbign the sound for itself. when i restarted FireFox, before i played a YouTube video in it, i ran another app, and sound worked fine. After I played a Flash video, that app could no longer get sound.

And opening up a new browser, sound doesnt work in that one either. As long as the original browser is open, weather or not theres sound playing, nothing else can get sound.

does that help narrow things down?



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