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Re: Nvidia TNT Riva 2

On 2009/05/09 19:17 (GMT-0400) JoeHill composed:

> brad wrote: 

>> Â Â  I have an older TNT Riva 2 Model 64 graphics card. Is it possible to
>> install the correct driver for this card in Debian Lenny?

> I know this is going to annoy you, but I have to say it: you could get a card
> that is 1000 times more powerful for about $10.

Maybe. Maybe he has no AGP or PCIe slot. Maybe he doesn't need 3D.

> However if there is some compelling reason then you could try loading the
> nvidia-glx-legacy drivers from non-free. I see they have a 71xx series, which
> the nvidia website shows as appropriate for the TNT2.

Or he could use the FOSS nv driver.
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