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Upgraded 2.6.29 kernel source from Sid.

On boot, floods the screen with stuff like
unix _struct disagrees ....
This may be from udev trying to respond to a kunix.ko

Did not know there was such an animal. Kernel is compiled using the same 
.config as worked in 2.6.29 1-3.

Luckily, I have a 2.6.92 around (rt-patched) so I can get up. On this one, the 
console goes kerblooey and was unusable until .... the console-setup kicks in! 
So I might want this to engage much earlier in the bootup init sequence. The 
old "console-kit" produces an error on either kernel bootup.

1. How to fix (or wait for another version)?
2. Console-kit daemon -- get rid of it?
3. Can console-setup be run in its place, i.e. near start of bootup?

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