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Re: router running Debian: Oversized Ethernet frame

On 29.04.09 13:40, H.S. wrote:
> I have an old machine running Debian Testing and working as a router
> with 2.6.26-2-686 kernel. Runs iptables firewall, has two lan cards and
> a wireless card for nat.
> Earlier today it was not responding, just hanged. In the logs I noticed
> these lines which I have never seen before:
> Apr 29 07:22:31 router kernel: [1280585.489463] eth1: Oversized Ethernet
> frame spanned multiple buffers, entry 0x21 length 0 status 00000600!
> After this it appears that the ppp0 connection (dsl) stopped working as
> did my home lan.

what MTU do you have configured for eth1? It was apparently not enough.
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