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Re: Tellico and Ubuntu 8.04

On Fri, May 08, 2009 at 09:52:21PM +0200, Bernard wrote:

> So, Tellico runs rather slowly with such databases, and it then
> becomes  very difficult to switch my DELL Inspiron to either sleep or

This is most likely a memory issue. AFAIK, tellico stores the entire
database in memory, which is a Good Thing (tm) if you have a small data
set, but is probably leading to a lot of swapping with your larger

You'll probably get more help on the tellico mailing list, but I'm
willing to bet that there isn't an immediate fix other than to split up
your collection or increase your available RAM.

I don't know of any other real competitors for tellico. Alexandria
hasn't been actively developed in a long time, and I'm unaware of any
other purpose-built FOSS apps for collections.

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