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Re: Laptop woes - Black background is now pure red.

On Fri, May 08, 2009 at 03:21:18PM -0400, Chris Jones wrote:
> This happened over the last couple of days. on a laptop that spends all
> its time on a desk .. didn't drop it, spill fluids or anything.
> [...]
> To clarify, I have uploaded a few screenshots at:
> www.geocities.com/fcky1000/fckw/
> Thanks,
> CJ

Since the screenshots look normal to us, I'm assuming it's probably the screen
itself. Is the machine still on warranty? Perhaps you should contact their tech
support and try to have them look at it (I wish I could offer more help, but I
don't touch anything on the hardware level, so I apologize for my useless


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