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X server appears mishap

Not sure this qualifies as a bug report, so please do not assume it is that. I am having trouble with the display.

I was using terminal under gnome2 and doing perceived 'safe' L/Unix commands dealing with file permissions. Apparently, the commands may not have been as safe as I thought. "D'oh!"

"Can't help it, I'm a 'show me' and 'hands on' learning sort."

At any given, ...

The display presents error or informational dialogs. I'm not sure which they are as the characters are little squares, not actual legible text. They offer to close immediately upon hitting return or clicking. :) And that boots out to the text based log on.

Have tried using the rescue option on the Debian Dvd set, to no avail. I can login with the disc in the drive and enter gnome as root. The text presents correctly, however there are no 'warning?' dialogs to advise on errors. Then, the disc gets removed and system rebooted, back to text based log on.

Graphics and most of the internal busing stuff is handled by Ndiva if that provides any insight. The monitor is a fairly old Compaq model, can only do 800x600 resolution.

= Questions =

1. Is there a way to hack this problem?

2. Is more information required for an answer?

3. If so, how do I obtain that information?

4. Are there pointers to relevant documentation available? If so please direct me to them. Please also refrain from a simple RTFM. I know the need exists and am working toward satisfying that need on a gradual basis. I'm human and live, life doesn't always involve computing, bear with me, please?

<rant> "Argh, getting tired of borking my computer and having to reinstall Lenny!" :( </rant>

Okay, I think this sums it up best. Closing now, run it slow and be well everyone.

- Ben
(Who now understands that chmod -R 770 / may not be a wise idea.) :)

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