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Re: HDD spinup when in sleep mode, strange behaviour

On Sunday 03 of May 2009 04:31:57 green wrote:
> komodo wrote at 2009-05-02 13:01 -0600:
> > Everything works fine, but now, every 30min i hear that disk is spined
> > up, and after ten seconds is spinned down. So i thought that the problem
> > is in the smartd, which check disks every 30min's, but it isn't, becase
> > even if i run
> >
> > hdparm -C /dev/sdb
> >
> > the drive is spinned up again.
> I don't understand how the hdparm command proves that smartd isn't spinning
> up the disk; you may want to check on the -n option in smartctl(8).

Thanks for answer, i don't know how it is doing but it works before upgrade.
And i found some bugs about this so it seems that problem is in hdparm 





> > And it's annoying, because before upgrade it was ok, and disk was spin up
> > only after some access, fdisk, or mount or so.
> You probably want to use the "noatime" mount option (see mount(8)) for all
> filesystems on the disk (if you are not already).

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