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Re: [OT] netbook recommendation

On Tue, May 05, 2009 at 08:39:06PM +0200, Leonardo Canducci wrote:
> 1. cheap, light and small, otherwise no use for a netbook :)

Eee PC 901 :D

8.9" screen, 2.1 lbs weight

> 2. linux friendly

I'm running Debian Squeeze on mine right now

> 3. usable (decent keyboard, 9" screen minimum)

Truthfully, the keyboard does take a bit of time to adjust to, but after
two weeks of practice I've been touch typing on this thing without

> 4. with a decent battery life (3h is not enough)

Eh. This thing gets 2:45 or so with wifi/bluetooth/camera/lan all on. If
I turn everything off (and dim the brightness) I can squeeze out about
4.5 hours with it. Not amazing, but more than I need for taking notes in
class (my primary use)

So, in the end I'd recommend the EeePC 901. You can grab one for $280 or
so, they're fairly good, run the netbook standard hardware (1.58GHz Atom
n270, Intel 945GM graphics, the works), and the wireless is draft N so
it's got a bit more range than G (from what I can tell).


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