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Re: shutdown in Xfce

No improvement. The Log Out button quits the X session. The Shut Down and Reboot buttons produce a complaint and then quit the X session.

Does the reboot/shutdown gadget work properly for everyone else using Xfce in Squeeze?

I'm using Sid, and it is working just fine. The behavior you're getting happens to me if I am logged in more than once -- say, in X and on a virtual terminal.

After investigating this new behavior, I discovered that it is a new feature instead of a bug, and has to do with the new dependency on PolicyKit.

I read the docs (and Googled) until I learned how to configure my system to allow shutdowns from my ordinary user's account even if others were logged in. Then I removed all of my changes to allow that... because I thought about it and realized the default PolicyKit behavior actually would prevent me from forgetting to finish things that I had started (bug had forgotten to finish).

If I were you, I would make sure all of the dependencies for 'xserver-xorg' are installed correctly. XOrg now depends on 'hal', which brings in stuff like 'policykit' and 'consolekit', and the problem you're describing sounds like it has to do with those things.

HTH eventually,

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