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Re: Gnome problem under squeeze/amd64

On Sun, May 03, 2009 at 11:39:57PM -0430, Juan Lavieri wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm having this problem:
> I recently installed squeeze amd64 in my laptop and after that I recived  
> Making some tests I detected that if I discard gnome use and login into  
> a twm session everythings works without problem.  The same is true if I  
> login into gnome _AS USER ROOT_, I mean I can work without troubles as  
> root under gnome (dangerous I know, it's only a test) so I think it's  
> not a xorg configuration problem.
> Please if anyone has any idea of what's happening.....  help me

It could be troble with date left on your home directory.

Just create some new user and test application there.  If it works
there, the chances are old data from old package is harrasing you.

Anyway, testing=squeeze is going through major package transition. 

I just upgraded my main system to squeeze/sid and decided to roll back
to lenny.  This was because, in my case, keyboard did not work as
desired.  It may have been console-setup/console-tools conflict...  I am
using squeeze/sid only in my test system now.  dualboot/chroot

Stability of Debian testing/unstable system is dependent on the timing
with respect to release.  Waiting until security updates for testing is
good idea.

You can always run most testing softwares under chroot anytime with
minimal risks... 

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