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Gnome problem under squeeze/amd64

Hi all,

I'm having this problem:

I recently installed squeeze amd64 in my laptop and after that I recived the gdm login screen. I tried to login with my normal user account (juan) and after I do so, I receive a blank screen. I'm able to use cntl + alt + f1 - f6 terminals, I can login and execute any console command. But if I back again to the graphical desktop and kill the x server with cntl + alt + backspace, I receive the login prompt again but if I proceed, now I'm still having the black screen not even the graphical desktop but in the character terminals cntl + alt+ f1 -f6 also. These consoles are operative because if I execute commands like reboot or halt for example, they are executed; the problem is that I can't see anything.

Making some tests I detected that if I discard gnome use and login into a twm session everythings works without problem. The same is true if I login into gnome _AS USER ROOT_, I mean I can work without troubles as root under gnome (dangerous I know, it's only a test) so I think it's not a xorg configuration problem.

Please if anyone has any idea of what's happening.....  help me



Pls excuse my bad english

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