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Re: stopwatch/worktime program?

On Sun, May 03, 2009 at 03:48:18PM +0300, Micha Feigin wrote:
> I'm looking for some program to follow my work time on different projects,
> preferably something that can plug into the xfce, or if not the gnome panel.
> I'm working on different projects for different people and I need to report
> work hours and it's a bit hard for me to follow the times by writing them down
> as I tend to work on and off for short times during the day. I want something
> like a stopwatch, preferable that would be able to keep a few of them around.
> If they can later give me an history, it's even better.

If you don't mind a command line solution, there's timeclock:


This is actually an auxiliary part of Jason Wiegley's "ledger" CLI
accounting system; it outputs a plaintext log that can be used as input
for ledger itself.  Emacs and Vim integration is provided.

Ledger is packaged in Testing (apt-get install ledger).  If like me
you're running Lenny, you can build it from source after downloading


There is no xfce or gnome panel integration that I am aware of, however.

Mark Shroyer

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