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Installation problem Lenny and Etch on PPC Powerbook 3400

Hi, I'm having problems getting into the installer on the ppc net
install iso of either lenny or etch for ppc.
I have bootx installed, pointing at the ramdisk and kernel from the
CD, ram disk size 8192
i put a kernel argument in for my video
I click on the "Linux" button and then after a few seconds, the screen
goes black and it just says "Welcome to Linux PowerPC yata yata" just
that one line and sits there - no sound from the CD or HD...
The same settings work fine when I install xubuntu on the same computer.
And my etch CD worked fine when I installed it to my Wallstreet powerbook.
Is there any reason Lenny or ETch wouldn't work on a pre-G3 like the
3400? I can't find anything in the documents that says so.
The PB has 80 meg of ram, 5 gig drive 180mhz processor.
I looked in the archives for this problem, but couldn't find anything



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