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Re: No AP associated - wicd

On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 20:48, Ed Jabbour <ejbr@att.net> wrote:
> Installed lenny on my brother's Dell, and trying to get wireless working.
> Everything (I think) is setup the same as on my machine, where wireless works
> with wicd as the network manager.  On the Dell, wlan0's there, iwlist scan
> picks up the neighborhood networks, including this one.  However,  it cannot
> get an IP and iwconfig shows "Access point Not-Associated".  Any
> help,pointers, appreciated.

Did you search the mailling list archives? What's the chip the Dell is
using? Did you check that out? Someone suggested a kernel update to
get wireless going and it worked for my particular case.

Also, silly at it may be, be sure you have to correct security
configuration, especially the password. And wpasuplicant may be useful
for your particular needs.

Nuno Magalhães

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