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Re: failed fsck on boot

On Friday 01 May 2009 01:02 am, Umarzuki Mochlis wrote:
> I'm using Debian Lenny i386 on my desktop. After every few months, my
> computer would failed to boot properly (stuck on fsck). Then I need to
> enter recovery mode then manually run fsck. A friend suggested that this is
> caused by bad power supply. There are statics on the computer casing but I
> want to clarify with those who had similar experience.
> TIA.

I just had the same problem.  After a certain number of reboots, the disks are 
automatically fsck'ed.  When this happened on my large (665 Gig) partition, 
fsck just hung at a certain, repeatable point.  I booted into single user 
mode and ran e2fsck manually allowed the fsck to complete.  Then normal 
booting continued.  I don't have power, power supply, random crashing, etc. 
or other problems.  Since I have this work around and it only takes a few 
minutes, its no big deal for me to do the manual e2fsck when needed.


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