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2.6.18 Modular Kernel has No Sound.

	I have an etch system that has been running a 2.6.5
kernel and it is time to upgrade it to something more  modern.
The 2.6.5 kernel worked well but our organization is using VPN
so I need to update things so that vpnc will work.

	After a coworker convinced me to try a modular kernel
instead of building another one, I downloaded 
what appears to be the newest kernel from debian.org:

#aptitude install linux-image-2.6-686

	This got a 2.6.18 modular kernel so I tried it. It
appears to work fine except for sound. My old kernel works
beautifully with alsa. The new kernel actually found the sound
card but then begin complaining that the sound device was busy
during the boot process. Game over for sound.

	Everything else appears fine.

	Is there any way to guide this process a bit to make the
sound work again?

	I now know the recommended way to build a custom kernel
so I could fall back to doing that again, but surely there is a
way to get the CS4236 sound chips matched up with the right

	Fortunately, grub still points to the old kernel by
default for now so, for the time being, I am back to the 2.6.5
kernel and sound pouring out of the speakers.:-)

Martin McCormick

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