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Re: ubuntu debian question

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 2:04 AM, George Phile <persgrip@swbell.net> wrote:
> Sir/Madam,
> Is there any web site I can go to to search for Greeting Card Software
> which run on Ubuntu - Debian?
> A handfull of people have advised me to go to this platform and operating
> system but it is for my wife and the only thing she does is search the web,
> manage her email and make greeting cards.
> I have spent the last hour or so trying to find Greeting Card Software for
> Ubuntu - Debian....all to no avail.

You can use
* scribus
* inkscape
* glabels
* openoffice.impress

for greeting card creation
All of the above mentioned packages are available in Debian/Ubuntu repos.

Following 2 tutorials might help you to use openoffice.impress


You might also find following link useful for printing purpose

Also check this for Scribus

Alternatively you can install "Wine". Wine lets you install Windows
programs on GNU/Linux systems.
So, try installing American Greetings Create-A-Card using Wine.

Please take into consideration that, I have not used any of the above
softwares but Wine. Those are the google results.
Hope that helps.

I think you hit "Reply" button instead of "Reply All", so you sent me
a private mail rather than replying to the list.
Please do take care next time when replying. :)

With Regards
Abhishek Amberkar

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