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bug in gnucash(?): autosave preference window steals focus


Running Debian Testing and KDE and gnucash 2.2.6. I started to play
around with Gnucash today and created a few accounts and stuff.

I have noticed that some time after starting gnucash, the window would
not respond yet it was not hanged (it was being refreshed). Had to kill
it and restart it to interact with it anymore.

Then I realized that it had opened a window for choosing autosaving
preferences in the background and that window had stolen the focus from
gnucash's main window. Yet that pref. window was not being shown in
KDE's panel like all other windows and, consequently, there was no
visual feedback from KDE that a window was asking for input in the

I had thought these kind of annoyances were a thing of the past in Linux
DE's. Have I stumbled upon a bug in Gnuash? Anybody else experience this?


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