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Re: debiantutorials.org seeks input and new blood

On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 01:39:18PM EDT, Dotan Cohen wrote:


> > You must be using one of the M$ Windows clones as your "desktop".
> >
> KDE 4.2 at the moment, which is acceptably quick. KDE 3.5.10 on the
> same hardware (2 GB RAM, 2 GHz dual core processor, 7200 RPM sata
> drive) was sluggish enough to be annoying.

Hmm.. I do have a ubuntu 8.10 on  the side - running gnome and with only
384 Meg of RAM, a 650MHz Pentium III, and a slower 5200 RPM ata drive, I
wouldn't say  it's really crisp but  much to my surprise,  it has turned
out to  be quite  usable, at  least for stuff  like web  browsing, video
streaming, and running shells under gnome-terminal.

> > Well, if you find it unbearably slow, you must upgrade your
> > hardware.
> Surely 640k is more than enough for anyone!

Occam's razor strikes again ..?


> > Else, take the consequences like a man or switch back to the linux
> > console.
> I cannot open the complex OOo documents that I need on the console.
> I'd love an ncurses interface to Zim, though, and I might write it
> when the Python port is done. 

Actually, since I hadn't  even heard of Zim, I did  a "zim linux" google
Images search and it looks like something I should get acquainted with.

> I do occasionally browse the web in lynx, though! I really do not like
> the more modern console browsers.

I get by with ELinks in 256-color mode - pros: pages are rendered almost
instantly even on my antiquated hardware .. cons: limited js support and
no support at all for css - and multimedia naturally, a blessing in most


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