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Re: how to play VOB files using xine?

On Ter, 28 Abr 2009, Serge Khmelevsky wrote:
Hi, some VOB files has the menus and I cannot understand how to handle
such menus.
My favorite video player is xine, so I have googled how to handle DVD
menus with it and found something about libdvdcss and xine-dvdnav. I
cannot find these packages in the repository.

If these VOBs form a DVD structure (VIDEO_TS directory, files with names such as VTS_01_1.VOB or something similar), you can run something like

xine dvd:/path/to/your/dvd/structure

If not, then you could try to form a DVD structure, but the files have to contain the whole DVD, menus and everything. You may have only the video itself.


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