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Re: Bash Session

Kurian Thayil wrote:
Hi All,

Planning to give a small demo on BASH scripting in a LUG community. Audience will be school teachers and basic home users and thus are beginners. Thinking on how to present simple and some example scripts that will make them more interesting and love command line. Need some suggestions.

Its always difficult to think simple and easy. :-) So I've quite confused here on how and what to present. Any help?????

I was thinking of putting a few commands in different scripts, by increasing complexity:


[ create file with calendar for 2009, display, rm file, run "ls"  etc ..]






There is a very good book on UNIX commands, well documented:

UNIX in a nutshell  (O'Reilley)  :


Some of my favorite commands, not including options:

cd  pwd   date  ls  man history  which whoami
rm   grep   |  (pipe)  > (redirection)
more date exit cal
get processor temperature (? may be fake ?) :

$  cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature

$ cat /proc/partitions

David Bernier

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