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Re: Boot Debian to a command line and prevent X from starting on boot

--- Robert Menes <viewtiful.icchan@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi folks, I have a Debian lenny-stable install that I need a little
> memory refresher with.
> I need to boot and go straight to a terminal, and not start X on
> bootup. I know there was a
> way of doing so, but I forgot (I'm a little rusty and need to not be
> rusty).
> Can someone tell me how to just boot and land on the command line,
> bypassing X? Thanks!

Hi Robert,

Whether you meant starting "text mode"/"init 3" at boot whenever you
need but not permanently.  If "YES" I did it frequently about 5~6 years
ago.  The steps are as follows;

1. Boot your computer into GRUB
2. Highlight the most recent kernel on the list (if having several
3. Press "e" key to edit the commands for that kernel before booting.
4. On the next screen, highlight the line that says "kernel
/vmlinuz..." and press the "e" key again.
5. At the END of the line of " grub edit > kernel /vmlinuz..." hit the
space bar once (to get a space before typing) and type "init 3"/"3"
(without the quotation marks) and then press "enter" key.
6. You should now be back at the previous screen having "init 3"/"3" at
the end of the line.  Now press the "b" key to boot into text mode!

# starx   (If login as ROOT start GUI as ROOT.   Just tries to starts
x, regardless of runlevel)

Sorry I'm not working on Debian replying your posting.  I can't check
the above steps for you which I dig out from my database.  HTH

Stephen L

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