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Re: wput file

Wow. It worked :O !!!

Thank you!!!!!

ps.: Thank you again :) !!

If you have a percent sign in PASSWORD then it will be interpreted as an
escape character that is to be followed by a two-digit hexadecimal
number that encodes one character (i.e. the next two characters have to
be members of the set [0-9a-fA-F]):


Try to encode all special characters in PASSWORD according to RFC 3986.

For example, if PASSWORD is ":secret%text@" then the encoded version is
"%3Asecret%25text%40". If you have the liburi-perl package installed
then you can use perl to do the conversion of all special characters
(see "man URI::Escape"):

$ perl -e 'use URI::Escape; $encoded = uri_escape(":secret%text@"); print "$encoded\n";'
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