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Re: debiantutorials.org seeks input and new blood

> I seek recommendations for improving the site

1) Under the site name there is not one, but _two_ corny taglines. Get
rid of them until you find a single tagline that is witty and on

2) "Maybe I should have the site translated to Australian"? What is
that? Maybe you should, but I as a visitor am not interested. Why
don't you translate to Hebrew, a language that I understand? In other
words, list the languages that you do have translations for, and not
those that are in Maybe status. And if this line was a joke, then it's
not the place for jokes.

3) Remove the clock javascript. It gives nothing of value to the page.
Either the user has a system clock, or he disabled it because he does
not need it.

4) Signup/Login? Why? Give the user a reason to do that, clearly and
in few words.

5) No privacy policy? I'm not signing up!

6) The images of the desktop logos should be links.

7) "This site appears disheveled in Internet Explorer, horrible". That
should probably read "Internet Explorer renders this page
incorrectly". Put the blame on IE where it belongs, not on your

8) "Recent Windows Visitors" What value does this give to the user? If
the answer is close to 0, then get rid of it.

9) "Just how bad is it?" Just how bad is what? No,  will not click to
find out what. There is too much decption on the web as it is, I don't
trust you. Give me _informative_ link text, not _speculative_ link

> Thank you for your time and I'm sorry if any of you consider this spam.   I just
> figured this was the best place to put feelers out.

While I do not consider this isolated message spam, I will consider it
spam if this becomes a phenomenon. Let's not let that happen. I am
serious, and I have access to automatic weapons.

Dotan Cohen


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