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Re: how can i turn /dev/null into an MTA?

>>> Why would somebody need an MTA for a (normal) desktop?
>> Why should every user specify an outgoing SMTP server?
>> Why should every MUA implement the functionality of an MTA?
> Do you understand the difference between server and client?


> Placing a mail into the queue of an MTA is NOT the functionality of an
> MTA, but of an MUA.

Right, the MUA places it into the queue by running /usr/sbin/sendmail.
Then the MTA pushes the mail further via the MSMTP protocol.  So the MTA
does the queue management.  Which works better since the MTA works in
the background, so it will keep trying to send your mail even if your
MUA is not running.

> Why should every user specify an NNTP server?

Because NNTP server are like IMAP servers, not like SMTP servers.

> You often have to use the SMTP server of your mail provider cause of
> spam prevention,

That's OK.  Just stay away from such braindead "spam prevention".


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