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Re: new KDE (4.2) in Unstable, how's your experience?

H.S. wrote:
H.S. wrote:

Has anybody been playing around with the new KDE we got a few days ago
in Sid?

The graphics are nice, but looks like the GUI is not as fast or
responsive as the older one. This is on a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core
Processor 5600+ with 2 GB of RAM and GeForce 8600 Nvidia card. On this
kind of a machine, the GUI should *not* have been sluggish. I really
hope the KDE people have not pulled a Vista their uses! :)

BTW, plugging a card reader and inserting a CF card caused KDE to hang.
If this repeats, I will file a bug.

That desktop window which shows all the folders/files on one's desktop?
That kind of appears to hand if I work on some of the folders there and
also on a terminal.

Any other experiences worth sharing?

From the past several days' experience, the KDE here hangs if dolphin is
opened to browse any folder. It is consistently happening and a bug has
been filed.

BTW, I am running nvidia driver version 173.14.09.

KDE4 doesn't cope well with pre 180 Nvidia drivers. There is a 180+ driver in the sid-reps. Try to install that one, maybe that will help?

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