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[OT] Why politics are not important to Debian? [Re: DPL voice meeting live -was Re: Berkeleytip]

Ok, I know this is a troll, but I just want to get a few facts straight.

On Sun,12.Apr.09, 16:18:43, john_re wrote:

> Tragically, in TYPICAL! Debian fashion, there was NO! mention of the
> single MOST IMPORTANT ongoing Debian event/activity (the election) on
> the main page, & not the news page, & not the Developers page, & not on
> the "Major events related to Debian" page, at the least.!!!  (Could
> there _possibly_ be a more major event for Debian than a DPL
> election?????!  <8-0    )

Yes, a stable release ;)

> The election should have been front page news on the Debian
> website.!!!!!  I have missed reading about previous elections beforehand
> for exactly this same lack of communication reason.  If _you_ hadn't
> _told_ me there was an election _underway_ I would never have known
> about it.

It was posted on debian-devel-announce and the other relevant mailing 
lists: debian-project and debian-vote. The announcement also mentions 
the relevant web page where the result is published.

And yes, I find it apropiate that the Debian project doesn't give as 
much importance to politics as technical issues:


> [My little rant here will serve me well when I email Steve McIntyre
> suggesting he come for a voice chat with BerkeleyTIP & the entire Debian
> community, huh????? !!!!!  ;) ]

BTW, your mail here is kinda' off-topic (and I marked my reply as such).  
I think debian-project would be more apropiate if you want to discuss 
this (and not rant about it).

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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