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Re: Advice on raid/lvm

On Wed, Apr 08, 2009 at 03:34:57PM +0100, Kelly Harding wrote:
> Hi,
> My server has got debian on it currently in the following configuration:
> 250Gb boot drive with partitions for / /boot /home
> 3x500Gb drives in RAID5 array, with XFS on top directly.
> Aiming to get a couple of 1Tb drives to migrate the 3x500Gb RAID5
> array to a RAID1 and use two of the 500Gb drives for thhe new boot
> drive with LVM (With /boot / /home and so on on it).

so you are going to have 

md0 = raid1 2 x 500Gb 
md1 = raid1 2 x 1Tb

I would create 3 partitions on the 500GB drives
500M /boot (ext2 or ext3)
20G / (ext3)

I would raid1 these

on the 1TB, 1 partition

1TB -> raid 1 -> LVM PV

so you end up with 
/boot & / on raid1 no lvm
and then 2 LVM PV 1 x 1TB and 1 x ~460GB

you can create 1 vg or 2 depending on what you want to put on there from
there create these LV's

/var/log/ (my personal preference, badly config syslog server bringing
down server )

then carve up what ever else you need say 


> Just wondering if theres any suggestions on how best to go about
> migrating like this? not really worried too much about downtime, as
> long as data is preserved. Reasons are mostly because the 250Gb drive
> I believe could be getting close to failure (have backed up important
> data on it to another machine using xfsdump).
> Any suggestions gratefully recieved.
> Thanks,
> Kelly

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