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Re: need info on mobile phone support

On Sun, Apr 05, 2009 at 08:43:35PM +0800, Long Wind wrote:
> I have Win2k and etch
> I hope I can get etch to work with help from the list.
> After installing microSD card, is my phone a USB storage device?
> Can etch access the card?

That depends on how the carrier has messed with the programming on the
phone.  If you're using Verizon, good luck!  I have a Motorola E815 (top
of the line phone when I first got it) from which I have not been able to
get a single picture out.  Why? Because verizon has disabled all the
ways to move or save pictures.  The only one that apparently works, and
for which they charge you money for each picture you send, is emailing
the pictures (through their server only, of course).  Since I don't run
windows, I can't comment on the use of windows software.  On my phone,
OBEX is disabled, so no transfer of pictures via USB<->linux, or through
bluetooth, no copying to/from the SD card, and no saving freshly taken
pictures to the SD card.

In other words, verizon is notorious for crippling their devices to
force you into services you have to pay extra for, that you would
otherwise neither need nor want.


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