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Re: unable to boot, how to install the package that cause problem?

Daniel Dalton wrote:

> On Sun, Apr 05, 2009 at 09:53:36PM -0500, zhang zhengquan wrote:
>> Dear debian users,
> Good afternoon
>> I have installed some boot splash related packages on my girlfriends
>> laptop running sid,
>> and it turned out that it is unable to boot after that,
> Ah damn! :)
>> I have a system rescue cd that boots well in to another linux on the
>> cdrom.
> Great.
>> I wonder if it is possible to uninstall the package installed on
>> debian using the system rescue cd?
> I'm sure it is... Perhaps not the best way: but you could mount the
> partition eg.
> mount /dev/sda1 /mountpoint
> Now just run
> a find command on /usr or whatever directory it is installed in and
> delete the binaries. Otherwise just find out which start up script is

I wouldn't do the last part

I would do 

sudo chroot /mountpoint sh -

dpkg --purge <list of installed packages>

but to fix the bootloader so that it may boot is another issue.

I also think it's possible that initram was recreated and got broken, which
would make recovery not that easy. Still it's an idea.


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