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Re: Decrypt, Edit and Encrypt a File

H.S. wrote:
> As Alex mentioned, tools exist for both vim and emacs.
> I have found this for vim (a vim plugin):
> http://ry.ca/blog/2008/10/transparent-editing-of-gpg-encrypted-files-in-vim/
> and installed easypg package for emacs. I am yet to play with them.

Better still, this is the aptitude command to install both:
$> sudo aptitude install vim-scripts easypg

After installing, a user can install a vim plugin using:
$> vim-addons install gnupg

and a system wide install of a plugin for all users is done with
$>  sudo vim-addons --system-wide install gnupg

Easypg is good to go right after installation.

> Do people who have experience in this have any comments or other
> alternatives for vim and emacs?
> Thanks.


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