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Re: OT - Video card opinions

>>> upgrades to my machine and am considering a pair of Radeon HD 4830s in
>>> crossfire mode. I'm stuck between that or sticking with Nvidia and going
>>> for
>>> a GeForce 9800GT. My understanding is the combination of the two Radeon's
>>> in
>>> crossfire will blow away the Nvidia performance wise.

> General workstation, Linux. Perhaps gaming, although that would be a very
> small portion of the consideration.

None of the options you mention will be at all challenged by general
workstation use.

Personally I'm running a GeForce 9800GT and find it more than adequate
for my gaming needs.  In my experience, upgrading wine versions has
given more performance payoff than upgrading video cards.

Basically, for the use you describe, don't worry about performance;
save your money.

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