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Re: HELP!!! trying to recover crashed system

On Fri, 03 Apr 2009 15:21:27 -0400, Miles Fidelman posted:

> Here it is, Friday, and my birthday to boot, with one fire on my desk
> already, when I discover that a critical server has crashed....
> The server is running Sarge (I know, I was just about to upgrade, but if
> it ain't broke, why fix it), that just crashed this morning, and I'm
> having a horrible time recovering.  Any help anyone can offer would be
> very much appreciated.

Now that you are out of fire fighting mode and on the road to recovery I
want to make this comment.

"Why fix it"? Because you mentioned that it is a "critical server" and
Sarge has not been getting security upgrades in a year, that's why. 

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