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Re: Drives can't be mounted as a normal user

> I know how to use and edit the /etc/fstab file to mount the drives after
> each boot.

OK, I will assume you are correct with this statement.

> However, that's not what I'm looking at.

Perhaps it should be where you are looking.

> I'm looking to be able to use my other partitions just like a root user
> (maybe after being asked for authorization).
With the proper line in fstab, this should be possible. I know it works
for me.

Show us your fstab.

And, please, no attitude, we don't ask the questions to diss you, we just
need to figure out what you are asking. Andrei is a long-time, helpful
poster here and was trying to help you, you appear to be new to Debian and
may not have yet learned about any differences between it and the distro
which is most familiar to you. I agree with him, it's not clear to me
either what you mean by "just like a root user".

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