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Re: gpg

On Fri April 3 2009, Thorny wrote:
> > One question I still have, am I somehow meant to somehow get people to
> > sign my signature if so, how does this work?
> >
> > Daniel.
> To give you a simple answer, use a search engine with gpg, key, signing,
> party as keywords, maybe even use web of trust, to get a wealth of
> information.
> People will want to verify you are who you claim to be before they will
> want to sign your key so usually requires meeting in meatspace and
> reliable photo ID (i.e. passport or the like, something that could get you
> through a border).

if you want to find people to sign your key, you can look on this web site:
I found someone from Europe, who was going to be in my area, emailed him, and 
we met & signed keys...

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