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Re: translator tool

El mié, 01-04-2009 a las 07:13 -0700, Thorny escribió:
> On Mon, 30 Mar 2009 22:01:57 -0700, consultores1 posted:
> > I am in need of a translator tool, because i have to write in different
> > languages; something that writing a "word", it translates it to other
> > different languages at once.
> > 
> This kind of word-for-word translation is not always going to give you a
> reasonable translation for a native speaker, in many cases. Sentence
> structure may differ between languages and word connotations in different
> languages may compound the issue. Although, the native speaker may be able
> to figure out what you are meaning, sometimes it will take considerable
> effort on their part. Spanish to English is one example.

Yes, your view point looks very reasonable, but mine necessity is just
to write in/and for academic communication, where the grammatical
structure is conservative and almost static. Colloquially speaking, of
course it differs.

For now, i am testing the recommended tools, with especial preference on
kbabel, and with the inconvenient that install dictionaries is a real

Thanks to all who help me.
"Consultores Agropecuarios"

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