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Re: question about grub-install

> And why does it say
> "install  GRUB images under the directory ..."?
> Isn't it installing something in the MBR? Not is a directory? Or do I
> *really* misunderstand what grub-install does? What is a "GRUB image"? Or
> am I parsing this incorrectly?

In the documentation that you are studying, read more about how GRUB is,
these days, too big to fit the limited space of the MBR and thus the
next stages have to be on a partition somewhere.

> More generally; Does grub-install have a search function? If so, what is
> it that grub-install looks for? How does it know that it has found what it
> is looking for? How deeply does it search in the directory tree? When does
> it decide to stop searching and go with whatever it has already found?
> "info grub-install" is no help. It seems to be identical to the man page.
> Lastly, will the answers change for grub2?

The GRUB shell has a search function, find "FILENAME". But from your
question that isn't what you are looking for. I can't really tell from
your questions what you are trying to determine. Maybe a more specific
question rather than these general ones.

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