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Re: installing debian on AMD opterons

Ron Johnson wrote:
On 2009-04-01 16:37, zhang zhengquan wrote:
Hello, debian community,
Tomorrow I will install lenny on a server with two dual core AMD opteron cpus.

I would like any debian users to confirm that

this is what I need to download, burn and install?


You may wish to get the DVD. Or you may wish to get about the first 3-5 CDs. Depending on your internet connection speed.

Of course, you can do most of your downloading during installation, and thus only download what you intend to install. Saves bandwidth. For a "net" installation, you can download a "small" file, less than 50 MB, and go from there. That is the "business card" CD iso. Again, depending on your internet speed and reliability. A net install over a 56k modem is not practical.

and I vaguely remember it is troublesome to install 64bit linux and it
will have lots of compatibility issues?

Used to be.

Not so much. That is, currently, the installer is fairly reliable, and compatibility issues in Debian are mainly gone for typical installations.

Is that still the case for



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